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Apps para Estudantes de Medicina

10 Useful iPhone Apps For Medical Students

The great thing about smartphones today is that there’s an app for everything. In Apple’s ecosystem, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of apps. From the mundane to the wonderful, there’s something for everyone.
As you can see from the title, this post is about medical students who need apps that help them get through the day!

If you’re a med student struggling to get your grades up, just grab your iPhone and take a look at these apps:
Medscape Mobile is one of the best apps you can get. It’s an encyclopedia, filled with thousands of articles about everything related to medicine. They also have pictures and an extensive database about diseases.
For those who have a notebook with formulas written inside, you can throw it away! All you need is MedCalc. It’s very easy to use and it has plenty of formulas and does everything a usual calculator can do, such as converting units.
You can sort the formulas by categories, and the app costs just $0.99.
Simply put, this app allows you to search for all the eponyms you need. The app is free and there’s a description for each eponym.
Just like having a medical encyclopedia beside you is handy, so is an encyclopedia about pharmaceuticals. The Micromedex app provides a complete database of Canadian and US drugs. It has all the description you need such as the instructions and side effects.
This app is very popular among the medical field because it also provides a detailed list of drug references. It has thousands of prescription drugs with the proper administration instructions and a host of other features, such as a pill identifier and calculations too.
This app contains radiology presentations. It has everything you need, such as captions for easier understanding. You can view the data by categories and best of all, the app is free!
The app is pricey, selling for 17.99 bucks. However, the price is justified since the app is also used for doctors, not just med students. It has a 3D design where you can view the human heart in any angle you like.
This app was made by the American College of Cardiology Foundation. Basically, it’s a walking encyclopedia of ACC textbooks. It also includes a TTE/TEE Tool with a database of echocardiography. This app is also free like the others.
This dental app is for those who want more than what the Little Dental Drug Book Provides. This app costs 300 dollars! It provides full access to Lexi – Comp’s library of resources. It has everything you need to diagnose patients for treatment.
It features colored pictures and detailed paragraphs.
As indicated, this app is for students who are specializing in dermatology. It’s not really an app that helps you get through the day. This app is more of a reviewer. You’ll find 229 multiple choice questions that are all about real life cases. It’ll definitely help you because you can track your answers and they’re all explained really well.
These apps are very comprehensive. Even the free apps are worth looking at. If you’re a med student practicing dentistry or some other field, the iTunes App Store has everything you need.
So go grab your iPhone, download the apps you need, and go help a patient!

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