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Tablets como Recurso em Educação Médica

iPad – useful educational tool to all medical trainees?


A recent study found that the iPad was not considered a high valued educational tool among medical and surgical trainee physicians.


A recent study, by Skomorowski et al (2013), discovered that Apple’s tablet, the iPad, is perhaps not as useful to medical and surgical trainee physicians. The study looks at trainee physician’s perception on the usefulness of the iPad in terms of clinical and educational utility. Additionally it looked at the different perception of value between medicine-based and surgical-based trainees.

Trainees at the Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, USA, were issued with a 16GB iPad 2 with Wifi and was instructed to “use their iPad both in and outside the hospital as they saw fit throughout the year”. At the end of the academic year, 86% of the trainees took part in the survey.

The results of the survey showed that only 18.1% of medicine-based trainees used their iPad on rounds compared to 6.7% of surgical trainees. Only slightly more reported that they usually consulted their tablets between rounds to review lab results, progress notes, images and other patient information. (The researchers counted OB/GYN residents as having a surgical focus).

With regards to writing progress notes a minimal 3.3% of surgical trainees said that using iPad in the hospital increased their efficiency in writing progress notes while the survey showed this percentage to be higher among medical trainees at 9.7%.

Perhaps the greatest difference demonstrated by the survey was the usefulness of the iPad as a “valuable educational tool” with 41.7% of medical trainees thought it was compared to only 6.7% of surgical trainees. “Though not addressed by this study, disparity may exist due to differences in clinical rounding styles as well as the working life of medical vs. procedural-based residents with different emphasis on data use and interpretation,” the researchers wrote.

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