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Educação das Profissões da Saúde

Network 2014 Annual Meeting in Brazil

Every year, The Network: Towards Unity For Health organizes its annual meeting, together with one of its member institutions. In 2014, it will be held in Fortaleza, Brazil. 
It will be an excelent opportunity to share innovative experiences and to improve your professional network. 

The Network: Towards Unity for Health is an international organization of academic health professions institutions and organizations promoting equity in health through community-oriented education, research and service.

What we do

We promote equity and quality in health through community-oriented education, research and service.
We seek equity, quality, relevance and cost-effectiveness in health care for all communities.
We address health professions education, health services, health policy development and research.
We participate in actions for a change of policies according to our objectives.

Who we are

The Network: TUFH brings together member institutions and individuals from all over the world:
  • Multi-professional and interprofessional health providers
  • Academic health professionals
  • Stakeholders in health systems developments

The Network: Towards Unity For Health is a non-governmental organization in an official relationship with the World Health Organization.

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